Low-cost Activities for The Elderly

Are you looking for low-cost activities for the elderly to enjoy? Having a daily and weekly routine of exercises to look forward to is welcomed. Here are eight inexpensive fun activities to try.

Digital games.
There are many free apps for tablets to let the elderly play favourite digital games individually or in a group. Scrabble, Chess and Sudoku are all available as downloads. Whether it's for a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, there are plenty of options. Play with friends (and relatives) on Facebook or join up with people you haven't met. Digital games are easy to play and provide mental stimulation. Play digital games every day to help combat cognitive decline.

Gentle Yoga.
Gentle yoga, chair yoga and even gentle tai chi doesn't have to cost. There are online instructional videos for the basic moves. Choose a reputable instructor who is a member of an appropriate approved organisation to ensure that the actions are recommended for the elderly. The gentle yoga flowing movements combined with focussed breathing, helps to stretch muscles and lower blood pressure.

Charity walk.
Charity walks give elderly people a sense of purpose. The exercise and the opportunity to support a cause close to their hearts is uplifting. Asking friends and family for a donation covers any costs and benefits chosen charities.

Colouring books for adults have become very popular. And apparently, for a perfect reason! Alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety by colouring helps elderly people self-soothe. And the bonus is beautiful images to keep.

Continuing in Education.
Some UK universities, and higher education colleges, offer subsidised informal distance learning for the elderly. There are many courses and classes available online. Try a few options online - from the comfort of your own space - before joining expensive courses.

Attending Art Shows.
Attending a new gallery exhibition or an art walk provides a sense of occasion and is generally accessible. Add some refreshments, and they are great ways for the elderly to see and learn something new. Local artists welcome support, and there are community group funded art programs to enjoy in most locations throughout the year.

Visit the Library.
It doesn't matter how old you are, you can have a library card. Libraries offer free loan access to books, films, other audio material and publications. They may also provide class group opportunities, local lectures, author book readings, public information forums, and volunteer opportunities.

Make a record of memories.
Does someone you know have a story to share? Making a record of memories is a lovely gift for grandchildren. If it's impossible to write the memories down, then perhaps use a smartphone to compile some voice memo snippets.

Stay active in old age with clever, low-cost options and a little creativity. There are so many free resources available that it should be easy to stay motivated by trying new things throughout the year.

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