How Homecare can Help after a Hospital Stay

As they get older, there is a higher chance of your loved ones being admitted to the hospital. The immune system weakens with age, leaving your elderly relatives vulnerable to illnesses and infections, and this can result in them having to go to hospital. People often experience problems with balance as they get older too and because bones become more brittle with age they are more likely to break a bone. Unfortunately, it can also take longer to recover from illness and injury with age and many will have to stay in the hospital longer than anticipated.

If your elderly relative has been in the hospital for a few weeks or months and they're finally being discharged, you may ne worried about them going home and not having any support from a care team. This is where homecare can help, You can arrange home support services for your loved one and these can be beneficial for several reasons.

Ensure any prescribed medication is being taken

It isn't uncommon for elderly people to have a range of prescribed medications to take when they're discharged from the hospital and they must take them as required. Personal care services can provide support with prescribed tablets, creams, ointments and drops, and a team of home carers will ensure no medications are being missed. Having some help in this regard can prevent concerns about medication mismanagement and you can trust that your elderly relative will be taking their medications as prescribed.

Keep an eye on health and wellbeing

Whilst visiting your loved one, whether this is a couple of times a day or a couple of times a week, home carers can keep an eye on their general wellbeing. With many years of experience, they know which signs and symptoms to look out for when an elderly person is struggling, and they can inform you of any concerns they may have. A home care agency will work closely with other healthcare professionals, including district nurses, GPs, hospital discharge teams and pharmacists to ensure your loved one has everything they need.

Assist with day-to-day tasks

Depending on the reasons why your elderly relative had to stay in the hospital, they may need some assistance with general day-to-day activities when they return home. This is something a team of home carers can help with and domestic care services will probably be very useful. Whether your loved one needs help with cleaning, shopping or cooking, for example, a home carer will ensure they're not struggling and they can provide however much assistance is required. Some general support will be incredibly useful at this time.

Provide some companionship

After being surrounded by people in the hospital and seeing a nurse or doctor several times throughout the day, an empty home can be quite lonely. Not only can a home carer help with lots of everyday tasks, but they will also be someone for your elderly relative to talk to. The importance of companionship care shouldn't be underestimated and seeing a friendly face during the day can have a big impact on your loved one's mental health. Even if they just have a chat over a cup of tea, a visit from a home carer can make all the difference.

Prevent unnecessary worry

When you work full time and you also have your own family to look after or you live far away from your elderly relative, you might not be able to see them as regularly as you'd like. If you arrange for a home care team to visit once they're home from the hospital, you won't have to worry as much about how they're coping. You will be able to read care notes after each visit and this can provide peace of mind that your loved one is getting the help they need. So, you can rest assured knowing they are safe, happy and healthy.