Good Care Month

What is Good Care Month

Good Care Month is observed during the entire month of July. It aims to acknowledge our hard-working social care workers and the services they provide for those in need throughout the U.K. It also helps inspire the public to consider social care as a viable career choice.

A big reason why social care plays an important part in the healthcare system is that the U.K. has an aging population. Life expectancy has significantly increased in recent decades. The number of people living longer lives has grown rapidly. It's estimated that by 2036, one in four of the population will be over 65.

Some services that social care workers may look after are household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or preparing meals. They assist with personal care like washing, dressing, and using the toilet. They may also offer short-term support to help people live independently, especially after an illness or injury. They can aid in organizing physical, social, and leisure activities, which are called daycare services. In some instances, they step in to do respite care, which allows an unpaid carer to take a break for an agreed amount of time. They can assist in looking after an individual's health issues, or give them opportunities to socialize with other people.

Social care can change lives. It enables people to carry out tasks they otherwise won't be able to do. Individuals are given the opportunity to live with dignity and as much independence as they can. Everyone is entitled to live life to the fullest and social care can enable them to do so. The need to serve others is considered more of a calling than a career to those involved in this profession. They deserve our appreciation not just for a month but all year round.

Want to become a Carer?

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